Relationships end for a lot of reasons, but whatever reason, breakups are never easy. The one who finished also feel hurt. From this day forward, friends and family care about the one who was left behind. They try to cheer the person, pay attention, after all, this person was left, finished with.

It is this person who has to overcome the ending, the pain and move on. But what about the other person? Have you stopped to think that who finishes, who leaves, also suffers?

Often the end is for a reason, a feeling, which, or was not anyone’s fault, or maybe was, but it is not worth complaining. The one who finished is not the one who loves less, nor the coldest, that runs back to Tinder.

Most of the time, the one that ended only did it for being a little more rational, or not as optimistic as the other, or even was not willing to risk as much as the other. And believe me, that does not make you suffer less. Often it makes you suffer more.

Whoever is “left”, let’s use that word, has no choice. It’s over, it’s not the other person’s decision now. There is no option, there are no more moves, only have to move on. The other person has the decision, has the power of “let’s try again”, has the power to send a tex.

And you have no idea how it hurts. “What if I had tried more?” “What if I hadn’t finished?”. Those who have been left don’t think about it, because they had no choice. But whoever ends can always do something. A month later, a year later. What if I call? She was crazy, but what if we work it out? He was a dick, but what if he has changed? What if she’s less spoiled? The option is in the hands of the one who walked away, who goes through days, weeks, months, years, questioning “what if”, while who was left, for lack of choice, has already moved on.



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