And if you were with me tonight …

Sometimes I keep thinking and trying to figure out where I went wrong. I did everything. I did the possible, the impossible and some more. I gave my best and consequently my worst. I loved you with everything that fit in me.
There are days that everything goes so well, and there are days when nothing was going well. There are days that I agree with the certainty that we will meet again and start over. And there are those days that everything is unclear.
We are two different people in everything and at the same time sometimes we seem the same person in some situations.

So much nostalgia stored in my mind, only my pillow understands. I wonder every day if your longing is the same as mine or at least half of it. Sometimes your attitudes show and yell that yes and other times, other attitudes shows another you.

I think we are actually the sum of our moments in the world, and those moments are when we meet people who will be part of our lives forever. I think we are like this. Regardless of whether or not we meet again and start over, I know what you were to me and I was for you. And it was true, it was real. From the first hi to the last goodbye.

We went through so many things all this time. Anger, sadness, deception, hurt, relapses, love, smiles, everything. Today, after everything I’ve been through, I see that all this was important.
It’s at worst that we see how strong we are to endure so many things. In all senses.

But after all, I wanted you to be with me … yesterday, today, tomorrow and forever …
What if you were with me tonight? Yeah, I even wonder how it would be … But at the same time that we’re so far away, we’re so close to each other.
Too bad we have some impediments right? Distance, stubbornness, fears, ghosts,  traumas, past and especially pride.

You know, I’ve said it here once or sometimes, but sometimes we need to give our heart what it deserves … And even after so long, I’m sure ours deserve love … our love.

I always say to the people that surround me so that they live in love … And you who are reading this text now, live of love too … Give yourself to the new, the old, the future, to what makes you happy. Regardless of what others will say. No one has absolutely nothing to do with your life.

Do not give up on you, do not give up on love, do not give up on your love.
Invest and insist.
Love it! Surrender! Give yourself a chance to be happy at least one more time. Love is worth it. We just have to believe and fight for it.

And you, yourself … my you … my us … my … yesterday, today and forever …. Only if you’re with me, not just tonight, but like every other night …

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