Status… Single

Recently, every time I am filling out some kind of form with my personal details and the question “marital status” comes up, I start to smile. Really. I write SINGLE. and this makes me feel good, as good as when I make a nice cup of coffee, I cut a few pieces of cheese and watch my favorite series, alone, in the middle of Friday night. Or when I go to the movies or to the beach with a good book.

Many people would look at such a scene and feel sorry. I get it. In fact, I also feel sorry for them. First, because I find it sad that their happiness depends on being with someone. Second, because I see that they are so used to the fact that one is “alone” with “loneliness.” Perhaps because these people have not yet discovered the tastes and pleasures of privacy. You see, you can be surrounded by friends and feel lonely. Been with your family or in work surrounded by people, even have a two-way relationship, and still feel alone. I bet many of you who are reading this text feel that way, even though there are many people around you. I’ve felt it myself. It takes us a long time to learn to like our own company. To learn, to listen and feel our silences. Being single, unlike loneliness, is a choice. It is making a point of being alone at certain times and feeling good about it.

Believe me, there is nothing in the world that is more liberating. I am not here defending individualism or any kind of social isolation. I’m just saying that when you are your best company then you will finally have people participating in your life by choice, not out of desperation. Do you understand? Next time you fill out a registration form, look at the “marital status” field and smile and feel good about your answer. Or because you’re happy, even if you’re alone, or because you’ve found someone who makes you feel even better than you were before. Being happy alone is not enough, but it should be enough. People will come in and out of your life. You will always stay.

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