After we live a little, we realize how much we like to complicate things.

Now, seeing the sun going away once more, I realise that every late afternoon will return tomorrow, that everything can be better and more beautiful. That all the dream that I dreamed for so long, became a enchanting and fulfilling reality.

Is funny the turns the world gives. Here sitting at a coffee shop, I can see life passing right in front of my eyes.

I’ve been thinking about everything I’ve lived, in so little time so much has happened, so much has changed. All that responsibility to make the people I loved feel good has disappeared, it was as if a weight came out of my shoulders. I confess that I wanted to carry all this, that I wanted to be useful too, wanted to care too much … But, as always, I also need to take care of myself and of those who have always been so close and I never paid attention. With life, we also learn that we can not please everybody, to be a safe haven for everyone, to be the best friend of everyone. There is a whole world in need of a best friend, it would be too unfair of me … besides, one learns that one day or another someone has to get off the train and wait for another to be able to travel … This is inevitable.

I need to love a little, to allow myself to live beyond what the books allow. Allow myself to think a little more about everything, to live more intense, to play a little longer for laughter to be longer. To get out of all that prison that made me have the false impression that I had wings, that I could fly, not knowing that my feet were attached to the floor.

I confess that I have been discouraged, unwilling, too thoughtful and confused enough not to know where to start writing but since I’ve decided to think about myself and what’s good for me, I’ve been inspired again to live life, to love and do everything that has always made me smile!

I paid attention to the detail of that human being. We never exchanged words, but it is incredible how I can read his eyes at the immense will that he has to leave, to escape from himself. The eyes tell what the soul feels. No, I’m not a wizard, but I have the heart to see the soul through the eyes of the beholder. And those eyes told me that his soul needed to cry, to run away, to leave …

I was trying looking for a harbour and spend a good time there, safely, without the storms that life puts you, only with the sea waves that brings a deep sleep to forget all the evil that sometimes the ironies of life have caused.

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