My love for travelling

Traveling … how nice it is to know new places, no matter what they are. I believe that every different ground we step on is a chance to experience something new. In addition to experimenting, learnings from it, no matter which place it is. I’m not one that travels to luxurious places and such. But every corner I go, even a different place here in my city, I try to know and get the maximum out of it so that it is an experience that fills something in my heart.

Who likes to travel and venture knows what I’m talking about. Or even those who do not like it that much. I bet everyone has already left some “new” place with a sense of filling. People, a landscape, a house, a road, a “welcome”… A set of simple things that become something special for us. Comfort for the soul and shelter for the heart.

Perhaps this is one of the happy reasons to live: traveling. Be outside or inside. The important thing is to return home with the luggage fuller than when we left, but light, full of good memories, and of course, with the certainty that our heart is now rested, quiet and in peace. Because in the end, our house is our heart. This is where we keep everything when we travel.

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