You and I

It’s amazing the power you have over me. To make me go crazy. To leave me with desire. I even try to say no, but for you, I just can’t. Always starts with a kiss. Our kiss. That unique fit. Our souls meeting through the simple touch of our lips. And when they meet, the magic happens. And I know very well how to light your flame. A hand at the waist, running my fingers through your blouse. The other reaching up to your neck finishing with that pull of hair. The door to heaven is open. That’s when I feel your fire awakening. The sighs start to break and your teeth gently bite my lips. I take it slowly. Kissing, biting. Your hand is already reaching the buttons on my shirt. My firm hand on your waist has also found your skin. At this moment our perfumes have already mingled, and when I reach your ear, I noticed the rest of you losing control, sighs. And then you start to slowly go down looking at me with that face I love, and I know where you’re going. You take off my pants almost without using your hands. And that mixture of kissing, bite and affection that makes me go crazy. When you do what you like, you do it well, and you know how to do like nobody else. Suddenly we are as one. you finish pulling off my pants and go up by running your tongue all over my body. And now it’s my turn to play… make you crazy. I know what you like. The tongue and the nipple biting, I raise my hand to your mouth to try to contain the groans. My eyes are looking for yours, which now seem to spin in orbits. We both lay down. Clothes on the floor. And at every position, I feel like I know your body better. Our fire rises in flames that seem to brighten the sky itself. The ability to feel pleasure giving pleasure to the other. Sweat dripping. The smile on our lips. I had already forgotten how good it is to have you. Too bad this is the only part where we work so well. Let’s be rational. Let us do it only two or 10 times. Relapses are not restarts. Just don’t give me that kiss again.

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