Strange like that


She likes him. He likes her. Yet still, they can’t stay together. Hard to understand. Even harder to accept. She wants it all. He is satisfied with almost nothing. When he looks, she disguises. When she looks, he accepts. She tries to say something that convinces him but gives up. He thinks of some words that should be said but does not continue. She thinks he moved on. He wonders if she still thinks. No one dares to say.

Until, one day, they say. He confesses that he still feels. She reveals that she always thinks. And then they realize they want, but they can’t be together. He argues with time. She denies the feelings. He can live with her next door. She can’t ignore the past. He is able to say no when his eyes say yes. She can’t deny a feeling that seems to have no ended.

The days go by. he occupies his head. She tries to occupy her heart. They meet each day in thought. He says that you just have to stop thinking and everything will pass. She doesn’t believe. And the days go by but the feelings still there, neither of them throws away. Who knows, at some point, they will stop bumping into finding each other again. Some people just like each other but can’t stay together… Strange like that.

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