One night contract


Women keep complaining that men never tell the truth. That you’re tired of being deceived.

Let’s be honest… I just want to take you to bed! relax! Let me explain! Of course I want to get married, have a wife, kids, and everything … But, not now. Not tonight. Don’t take this as offensive. Just say yes or no and everything is fine. The problem is that people often prefer to listen to what they like, even if it’s a lie than to face the reality. It’s much better being an asshole than a false prince. Do you understand? That well-behaved man that tells you fairy tales, talks about kids, makes wedding plans and then disappears. This one, who often has the reputation of being a good boy, is the biggest asshole.

Again… let’s be honest with each other. I promise not to call you tomorrow to take you out for coffee or even to walk with the dog in the park. No need to be offended. I’m giving you the opportunity to choose. If you say yes, you will get an unforgettable night. If you say no, I’m going to take a step back and try my luck with that cute girl at the other table.

Let’s avoid all the bollocks where one pretends to have feelings whilst the other swears to believe them. Look on the bright side…!! You’re not going to have that boring guy asking you what you’re going to do on each day of the week. You will be able to continue going out with your friends and flirt with the fit guy from the gym … For me, that’s fine! Everything will be easier. We go out, have fun, I make you smile, I make you feel wanted, and then we follow our different paths. If it’s very good, we’ll meet another day. If it’s very very good, we do it once a month. Who knows all this may turn into something … Why not? But the best for now is neither of us waiting for this.

There… This is my proposal. Our one-night contract ends as soon as the day dawns. I already made two copies and I authenticated. You just have to sign.



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