You messed with my mind. I don’t know if it was the smell of your neck or your cheeky smile, maybe was the way you blink your eye. I don’t know if I should take my chances. I don’t know if it was the curly hair or the color of the lipstick.

But tonight, to conquer you, I decided to use my gift. You want the world and I only have my thoughts. You seem to be in no hurry to arrive. I wonder when that distance between us will end.

Before you, I used to walk around collecting kisses. I used to walk around trying to fill my void. That was when you arrived. Your smile made something inside change. I’m enjoying our jokes as we discover each other. How lucky I am, with so many foolish people out there, to have bumped into you on the way. You like to read, I like to write. You like Norah Jones, I have all the albums. You understand wines, I’m willing to learn. Writing to you I’m feeling like Shakespeare, not Sherlock Holmes.  Letter after letter I’m trying here to impress you. Do not expect me to write anything at the same level as Shakespeare. This is just my way… The rhyme is poor, but the intention is honest. Maybe it seems a little tacky, but who never been silly before. I was thinking here … Well, you could come here today. I promise that after tonight you’ll always want to come back. I already bought that Sauvage aftershave that makes you go crazy. I keep imagining myself kissing you from your feet to the back of your neck. I’m thinking to watch 50 shades of grey. But maybe I’ve already taken off your clothes before the trailer ends. If you want to bookmark your friends and say it’s all yours, that’s okay. Open that WhatsApp and I’ll recite it to you by voice message. Maybe I stutter or talk a little quick. Maybe is my accent or the way I say it. Maybe I don’t know what might happen…

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