Enough drama

I’m independent, almost always. vain, but not always. sweet, for who deserves it. And brave, sort of one that would surprise you. I’m like that, but I used to be different. Tomorrow I’ll change, most likely. One thousand mysteries that you will never decipher. I can be frightened by foolish reasons and show strength when the world threatens to collapse. Some would say that I had everything to be sad, but I prefer to live smiling. The tears, used to be frequent, now seem to no longer be allowed to collapse. And speaking of collapsing, I had already lost the ground so many times that I learned to float. Lost the roof and won the stars. lost fear and fell in love with myself. Coping with your shit is not an easy task. I already learned that I need little to be happy.

No use saying how handsome I am, because I already know. No need making promises you will not be able to fulfil. I know more people than you. And more places than you. I lived long enough. Already wrong enough. I’ve loved enough. Now I just want to dance smile and fly. I already know that down below is cold and dark. Enough of that. I just want to lie down, listen to Norah Jones and drink a nice coffee.

Maria…. would you care to join me?

Alexa… play Norah Jones


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