Nothing happens by chance

I believe that no one enters or leaves anyone’s life by chance. The problem is that sometimes it takes us a long time to understand the real reason a certain person has crossed our path. At other times, we end up giving overvalued roles to the characters that go through the movie of our lives. Do you understand what I’m talking about? Do you know the supporting actor you thought would be the main actor? That start barrier at the race? That boat that took you to the harbor or even the one that wrecked and left you drifting. Especially this second boat. Maybe he was the most important. Yes! After all, without it, you would not have learned so much. Understand. There are people who are the way, not the arrival. There are people who are the journey, not the destination. So it takes a lot of emotional maturity to understand when it’s your turn to be the boat. Accept. You will not always be the main character in all the stories. What is yours is saved and will find a way to reach you. Bad experiences also make you grow. However, regardless how bad a person may have acted toward you, it will at least to teach you not to be equal to it. The mere fact of changing you in some way, already makes it a fundamental part of your story. Our trajectory in this world is an infinite coming and going. Not everyone gets to stay. Some we will miss and others we will learn from. It’s not because a relationship ended that it did not work out. It is not because a friendship has come to an end that has not been worth it. All of this is part of the process. I think each of us is a reflection of the places we visited and the people we met. Whether through love or pain, each person or experience shapes you in some way, helping to shape what you are, whether you want to or not. It is never by chance. Nothing and no one. There’s always a reason. There is always learning. Learn to let people go. Stand with open arms to receive those that are to come. This river is quite long and there are still many curves, ups and downs until he can finally meet the sea.


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