True love vs Perfect love

If you are waiting to find the perfect love, wait in front of the television, with a bucket of popcorn and ten seasons of your favorite romantic series. There is no such thing as right people or perfect halves. There are no scripts of how love should be, nor how to find it. The more you think that it will fall from the sky, wrapped in a bow and without defects, the less notion of reality you have and the faster you need to get out of that bubble. 

Love happens around the corner.

In your quest for a perfect person, you will realize that people are fragile, vulnerable, and insecure. Many live by appearances, create images of a non-existent life, show to be what they are not in reality. A fiction almost normal, because society seems to live on the idea of near perfection. This widespread idea is perhaps the greatest cancer of mankind. By insisting on this quest and by becoming part of this hypothetical idea, you end up creating an egocentric lifestyle that deviates you from your happiness.

I learned that more important than a perfect love is a real, true love. Which leaves you with no control over you. Which makes you think of other perspectives. That keeps you awake when they away, and that makes you sleep well when they’re with you. That steals your smile effortlessly. That makes your legs tremble. That makes you wonder and want a new tomorrow. That makes you lose track of time and want to continue being in your company. That robs you of an unexpected kiss. The one who hugs and does not want to let go. That you argue with but you do not get upset. The one who plays with you on the couch, in public. That calls you just to find out if you’re okay and how the day went. That is not shy from showing that he loves you. That makes you imagine a future for two and that is not afraid to speak of this future.

Real love is a frightening love because it is no longer a Saturday night date or an occasional fuck. It becomes a day-to-day meeting full of sharing. It is a love that shows you that the barriers you have in your heart are exchangeable and that will give you the security of something stable and serene. It’s the one that surprises you with unexpected plans, and that makes you feel happy whenever you’re together, even when you talk about serious things.

When you find someone who accepts you as you are and who understands your flaws and is available to help you overcome them and become a better person. you have found true love, When you meet someone who spends hours talking, laughing, sharing your day-to-day life with even the most insignificant things, you will realize that this person is not just passing through. He will be patient and help you heal wounds that you thought healed. It will make you see the present in a quiet way and that you want a future full of everything you deserve. It will be the one who, of course, will make you take a different course, breaking old habits of the past.

Perfect love does not tolerate errors or deviations. It is averse to diversity and multiplicity of behaviors. You have to represent exactly the image the person has made of you. True love is not like that, it’s free. You will not want to imprison living standards or standardized behavior. Rather, you want to be the best version of yourself.

Perfect love is selfish because it only looks at the other as the instrument of satisfaction of its own needs. True love wants you to be simply happy in your own skin. Do not delegate the responsibility of having to make the other happy. True love wants your well-being and is willing to commit to this mission without feeling any obligation to do so. While perfect love is for you to make the other person happy, true love wants only reciprocity.

Perfect love has plans for you. Want to shape yourself and become a movie star that you want to show the world with pride as if you wanted to confirm your power to conquer someone seemingly beautiful and beautiful. True love, for its part, is not ashamed of who you are, what you do, what you have. True love will accompany you on your journey, in your growth, and in the fulfillment of your dreams, and will also make you the true movie stars. True love knows your weaknesses, points them and accepts them, but focuses on your qualities, your talents, the way you dedicate yourself and how you treat each other. Do not be intimidated by what others say because you know that the happiness of a relationship builds up to two and that it must be blind and change to others.

A perfect love wants to always have moments of happiness, demands them! True love is challenging. It will make you weep, the frustrated attempts and the pains of the joint failures because neither one is perfect. It will take you hours of sleep that will be recovered as soon as you receive a hug.

True love will be there for your achievements, but also in times of difficulty. He does not leave the boat at the first opportunity, neither the second, nor the third. He remains at the helm, sometimes almost without strength, but he does so because he feels it is worth continuing the fight.

When you find true love, grab it. Do not let him run away from fear, from the anticipation of problems, from incompatibilities, for no reason. Because the human being has the fantastic ability to adapt and love without restrictions.

When you find true love, you will no longer feel the need to seek perfect love, because you will have found everything you need and deserve to be happy.

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