Love does not end, we change

A man and a woman live an intense relationship of love, and after a few years they break up, each one goes in search of a new life, they leave the ray of vision of each other. What was the end of that feeling? Does love really end?
What ends up are some of our expectations and desires, which are replaced by others in the course of our lives. People do not change in their essence, but they change their dreams a lot, they change their points of view and their needs, especially their needs. Love is usually molded to our lack of emotional involvement, but this lack is not static, it changes as we take on new experiences, as we learn from pain, remorse, and all our mistakes. Love remains the same only for those who remain the same.
If nothing changes within you, the love you feel, or that you suffer, does not change either.
Love does not end. Love just comes out of the center of our attention. Time develops our defenses, offers us other possibilities and we advance because it is human nature to move forward. It is not the feeling that is exhausted, it is we who are exhausted from suffering, or exhausted from waiting, or exhausted from the monotony. Passion ends, love does not. Love is what we let occupy all our spaces, as long as it is welcome, and that we transfer to the back room when it does not work anymore, but that we never permanently expel from home.

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