Taking care of myself

A lot of people I deleted from my life exclude from my contacts. I turned away and did not regret what I did, for the simple fact that I tried several times to make them know my heart truly and to understand that they were very important to me. I am the type that I value yes I value people, I respect, I defend when wronged, I call friends, and I say “count with me always”, I am the one that supports the happiness of whom I like, and I make the effort to help them, But I am also one of those who do not admit that I am judged by what I am not or have done, I’m not like people who are manipulated by the dissatisfaction of others, that a touch on their little toe is already a good reason to come back against me and contaminate other hearts that barely know how to discern the good from evil, the truth of the lie, the sincerity of a merely wounded ego. To tell you that this makes me happy I would be lying because it is clear that everyone who passes in our life has something good to offer us, but I am no longer subject to having to tolerate who does not intend to change, who don’t give a damn about my heart. I’m tired of giving myself too much. Now I decided to want only those who cheer for me and who really want to see me happy. I’m taking care of myself more.

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