Being single

“Where’s the girlfriend?” Someone will ask me. Then I’ll smile and say, “I’m single!” And then there’s that “my, poor thing” face, when it was the right moment for them to hug me. You know, I do not really understand these people who put the fact of meeting a person as one of the primary goals of life. As if the natural order were: to be born, to grow up, to meet someone and to die. I do not think so. When you’re single, others think you have a serious illness, someone who needs help. That’s not it. There is indeed life in “Being single”! And the good ones. And that does not mean, bitchery, polygamy, or promiscuity by the way. It means yes, but only when you’re into it. It means freedom, peace of mind, intensity. And I’m writing this with some knowledge, since I have several years of dating in the curriculum. Really, from the bottom of my heart, I’m very well single. I think even better than before. I like to wake up in the morning without knowing how my day will end. I like the feeling of the unexpected, the lack of routine and not having to give satisfaction. I like to be able to say yes when my friend calls me on Friday asking if I want to travel with him the next morning. To get home when the sun is rising. Or not getting home at all. To meet new people every day. Or not having to do anything out of obligation. To live without anguish, without jealousy, without distrust. I believe that everyone has to go through this phase in life. Intensely inclusive. You know, I understand that maybe this is not your thing. Or maybe you’ll never know if it is. I did not even know it was mine. What I realize are people embracing their relationships as if holding a buoy in a shipwreck. As if this was his last chance for survival. I do not want a life like that. At that time you may want to ask me, “But what’s up? Will you stay single forever? It’s going to be like this until when? “And I’ll honestly answer:” It will be this way until I want it to be. ” When I find someone who is greater than all this, or maybe someone who can guide me. What I expect is quite different. When you enjoy the life you leading, you do not change for anything. So it only makes sense for me to be with someone who makes me even happier than I already am, and as I know this is very difficult, I’m sure that what comes will be very special. And if it does not come, everything is well, you know? I really do not think this is a life goal. I will not do as many who are carried away by the pressure of this society. So many people dating to say that they date, marry not to feel stranded, abdicating happiness for a social status. Then comes betrayal, divorce, frustration, and everything else so common. No, no. Leave me here quietly with my amazing life. To be totally honest with you, the real thing is that it’s not your marital situation that makes you happy or sad. I know extremely happy couples and others who have been pretending to work for years. I know single people who have the life that I prayed for and others desperate downloading dating applications and believing that their ex was they greatest. Such nonsense. The truth is that only you can fill your emptiness, and put that mission in the hands of someone else is asking to be unhappy. I do know many incredible couples, as well as so many others who do not see that they are killing themselves little by little. Living alone at first may seem hopeless, but from so much swimming against the tide, one day you learn to surf. And I tell you that when that day comes, you will never want to stay in the sand. From that day on, it will only serve to have someone by your side if he is willing to go into the water with you.

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